Family Law

Our Law firm is live to the reality that the family is one of the institutions that is changing in its structure and interactions in the 21st century. Nenjy||Nyamapfene Law Practice values the importance of the family unity and our team offers expert and professional services in dealing with family law matters and has tailor made its services to ensure that players in the family in particular children and their parents are protected. The firm is aware that the family has changed its face resulting in child headed families ,granny headed families ,blended families among other families. Our advisory services in family law will ensure that all the various players in the different family set ups are well protected. Our team offers the following services in relation to family law issues:

  • Advisory services, filing and litigating divorce.
  • Advisory services, filing and litigating maintenance cases.
  • Advisory on Adoption and dealing with adoption cases.
  • Custody issues and disputes.
  • Guardianship in the Magistrate courts and High court.